I'm bored.

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I'm really bored, so I threw together my compaq really quick, reformatted the hard drive, installed Windows 95!!!! It's sooooo cool, i love 95. hahahah. Just kidding, i'm upgrading it to Win 2k right now, oo it's almost done...it's sooooooooo slow P2MMX 333MHZ. HAHAHAHHAH. Well Chop, when i get both computers connected to my network i'll post a pic in the galleries so you can see me in windows & linux...ha..Ok will it's building the file lists and what not, so hopefully all goes well.....damn, i need another rj45. Everythings closed, i think i can find something around here...hahah. Wow i've typed alot. Hasta! :)
Im also board but I have so much I want to get done:) But dont have the energy to do so.

Looking forward to seeing the picture when you post it.

Hehe... it's each individual frame of a video I'm editing... and they're all stored in .BMP format, so the compression is horrible...


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4 gigs of potato pictures. Damn that topped my boredom.

Nice lookin potato though! :) hahhahha
Be sure to put folding on the little thing! lol
It's running right now...not very fast but hell it's running..

well I just came by my house for a minute to grab some stuff now it's back to work I go, hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho
shan said:
Well, what'd you do? or are you gonna leave us in suspense!!:eek: :eek:

I got an old AT case lying around, popped in an old 486 mobo, along with a 486DX/66, 16MB EDO and an old 1 MB graphics card and loaded up DOS 6.22 and Win3.11 for Workgroups, then loaded Doom and Duke Nukem 3D to start playin' :D

I was quite surprised how fast the Win 3.xx would be able to boot up :p
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