I'm a newb :( Please, educate me? :D

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Hello everyone,

I joined these forums looking for good computers to buy in order to fuel my hobbies, but I realized: What I thought I knew about computers, was just really little.

I need help in learning about computer hardware, what it means, and how to build computers. Are there any online articles you can direct me to? Maybe some books? Obviously theres college, but I can't yet afford that. (Plus I'm not even graduated, believe it or not.)

Guidance is appreciated!
Look for old computers people have thrown out. Pentium III's, AMD K5's, P4's, etc.

Take them apart, put it back together, get to know where/how everything fits together. If you get stuck, post up here.

Grab yourself discs of XP and vista or win7 (don't need licenses, just for installation practice). Try dual booting . If you get stuck, post up here.

etc etc etc.
hello fellow newb! i cant recommend this site enough: Professor Messer it offers streaming video lessons, downloads and practice tests FOR FREE...every other site i've found requires payment or gives a dinky lil quiz that your either sink or swim and thats it...the guys here at tech-forums are really helpful and even if you dont fully understand what the proposed solution to a problem may be pay attention and it will all come together down the road...good luck-seth
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