If you HAD to choose...macbook air or asus Eee PC?


Daemon Poster
Hm...just checked out the Eee.

Its an interesting concept. Not as refined as the Mac, but I don't expect something close to a Mac for 1/5 of the price. The only cons are the fact that its SO small....it might be a little uncomfortable for daily use in my case. And I was expecting battery life to be a little stronger, but oh well.


Fully Optimized
we are comparing two totally different types of laptops here..which kind of makes it hard...i just pick eeepc because i know that i'm paying 300 bucks and i know what i'm not getting is part of the plan of a surfer lappy...but the air on the other hand is like a regular freakin laptop with no darn disc drive, one usb port (correct me if im wrong, but if i'm right--give me a break!) and a whole whopping 80gb hdd...it's like back to the days pre-millenium..an 80 gb hd?? cmon Steve...cmon!