ie7 problems


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I got my computer as a christmas gift on christmas day 2005 and it worked perfectly fine up until September 2006... and since then it never shuts down unless I manually press the button to shut it down. I've been trying to work out the cause of this problem since it started doing this. Up until a couple weeks ago I still didn't have a clue. Then I reinstalled XP just recently and tried to see if it was the programs I had installed that were causing a problem. So installed all the usual messenger.. skype then I installed ie7 and as soon as I finished install I did a shut down as a test and found it wouldn't shut down and so it was the ie7 that has done it. I checked the system requirements and I was surprised to see it only needed a 233mhz to run it and my computer is several times that. It wasn't until I saw the "(Pentium Required)" next to the speed needed. I have a AMD Sempron 2800+ so I'm guessing that IE7 is the cause of my problem. Well I thought I'd just point this out to help other people if anyones suffering the same problem. Anyway just so that there wasn't any other aspects that could of caused the problem I looked back on a list of installed components and HotFixes using and advance analysing program and at the same day I installed IE7 the computer stopped restarting I don't see why I didn't look at that at the time. Oh well too late now but to anyone considering IE7 good luck and I hope this thread helps ;)


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I'm running xp home sp2 on a P3 600mhz with 384megs of pc100. I loaded IE7 on top of some resource intensive software. Not one hiccup. No shut down or reboot problems.
I would suggest you keep looking. Most likely it's a program that's running that doesn't respond to the shut down command and is hanging.


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Why don't you give firefox a blast see if you like that better than IE. Alot of people will disagree and alot of people will agree but I think firefox is better in alot of ways, heres the link :)