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I open IE 6, right click and a menu pops up. On the menu there's a link that's been added "HARDCORE MOVIES". I'm not into porn and want to remove the item, but can't find how to modify this menu. Can someone tell me how to get to it?

David Ferguson
There is a program Microsoft Develops called Tweak XP that should be able to remove right click menu items.

If that one cant do it try X-Setup
No, I don't want to remove the menu, I want to remove the link that says "HARDCORE MOVIES". The menu is fine it's that LINK that I wish to remove.

hmm if your talking about on the tooldbar at the top of your IE then just right click on the toolbar and uncheck the item you dont want up thier
Let me try one more time. I open a web page, right click anywhere in the page, a menu pops up. The menu has items such as: Back, Forward, Save Background As, Set As Background, etc. Somehow an item was added to this pop up menu that says "HARDCORE MOVIES" I want to delete that entry, not the menu. This has nothing to do with the toolbar.

thanks for being patient
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