IE freezes up...reinstall Win ME or upgrade to XP? Or what?

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Whenever I use IE anymore, it freezes up and I have to use control-alt-delete to end the program. Sometimes that doesn't even work. I have gotten messages that there was a script error at times. When I tried to have Windows "fix" IE, it said it couldn't. I downloaded IE 6, but the problem continues.

Virus scans have showed my PC to be clean, it has lots of RAM and is also defragged regularly. Should I reinstall the original Windows ME or upgrade to XP? Or should I do something else? All input appreciated.
Dont even remember if ME has it but you might try system file checker. just go to run and type sfc, then check the options to make sure its going over all files. If it finds corrupt ones it will let you replace them, also when did this start happening, youmight try scanreg /restore to a time that this didnt happen, or maybe just use scanreg /fix.

If all else fails and you only option is an OS wipe. I'd say get XP, chances are something like this wont happen again.
I always got that ME, I find ME to be highly unstable. I have noty had a freezing problem since I got XP PRO.
ME is the WORST OF THE WORST i had it.. Got soo pissed.. then got xp pro.. and got happy again :D
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