IE and Mozilla closing windows because of a virus?

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Hi guys, sorry to be posting here, but I tried on another forum and I havn't gotten a reply yet,

My problem is that if I type in something like "virus" or "violence" on google it will auto close it, I can't run anti-virus or any games, I was trying to play "mu online" and I finally got it to work, game guard got installed then it said that I had a virus
Virus: Backdoor.Win32.Agent.75264.B
File Name: c:\windows\system32\yawxun.exe

I tried to google it but nothing happened, I tried AVG on the top of this website where it says download but the "virus" is smart, instead of going to the website it goes to google, I had my friend try to download it and send it through msn except it didnt work, PLZ HELP ME OUT
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