IE 7 problem


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When launching IE 7 receive " add-ons are disabled " message, restarting IE produces the same message. In tools the Manage add-ons selection is grayed out. Any suggestions on enabling add-ons?


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Raffaz, you didn't read the post completely. It's greyed out.

Now, there's two options fir Internet explorer. The normal one, and the no addons one. If the link in the Start menu says IE, and there's no addons, try going into IE's folder and open iexplore. If that does, add the shortcut to the Start menu and delete the old one.


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omg dude, i had this same problem, i just had to uninstall IE7 and reinstall it and it then it launched with add-ons. u can try doin that. hope it helps, if what ihuhser says doesnt work that is, which didnt work for me, no matter what i did, it always opened w/o add-ons. it was weird.


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Ya could also try resetting it back to original settings, thats cleared a few probs for me in the past. tools > internet options > advanced tab. Worth a try if nowt else sorts it


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i have found when this occurs, going to launch IE 7 throught the all programs menu (START<ALL PROGRAMS<INTERNET EXPLORER) usually brings back the addons.


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Hey thanks for the replies, reset ie then launched from the start menu and now add ons are enabled ho rah now i can play flash games