Ideas for new games


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I thought I'd make a thread devoted to concepts for new games.

I personally would love to see an RTS set in the mythological age where you can command your troops RTS style, but in the heat of the battle you can also zoom in to the POV of a general for an FPS experience. If you die in FPS mode, you have to watch the rest of the action, but your troops won't have command. Now, I know Demigod is going to be slightly like that, but the way I have it in my mind is slightly more innovative.

In two-player multiplayer, if both of the generals go into FPS mode, they can seek each other out, and when they find one another they face off (the action would be similar to prince of persia).

If there are more than two people, there is a choice. Each general fights for his own, or two can team up. However with teaming up there is one caveat. Both of the generals can't be in the same mode. One has to be RTS and one has to be FPS. They can switch the roles, but both have to consent.

After each battle, each general's actions are analyzed and he is awarded points accordingly. When you reach a certain amount of points you can buy new troops/weaponry. Your army also gains 'status levels'. That makes it easier for more experienced armies to find other experienced armies.

The generals themselves are fully customizable. Their appearance, armor, weapons and steeds are all up to the player. With the game will come an editor that allows players to make custom armor. However, in order to get all the protection and damage bonuses, players have to rack up a good amount of points.

That's my concept. Post up opinions and your own concepts.


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hmm...ive always had this dream that goes a little something like this

first quarter of the dream is me as a soilder in a not so distance future war. after normal fighting, your squad dies in an RPG attack, and i get shrapnel stuck in my head.

the second quarter is me rehab. im badly hurt, in ICU most of the time, but something strange. my vitals are off, and my brainwave patter is off the chart. but everyone turns the other cheek

after a while of rehab, im with my personal trainer, but then, out of nowhere, you see a vision of him dead, on the ground, just lying there. i wake up from wat seems of me bieng knocked out, to find a crowd over my personal trainer, who is dead, just like in the vision.

i start to discover some power that have been unlocked because of the sever head injury. power include killing on command, possession, and slight telekininis.

i get power hungry after practincing, and force m way back to the war, killing all enemies.

after some time of this, the goverment wants me dead. they kidnapp me and bring me to the states, but the plan backfires after my blindfold slips, havok is wrecked.

i might even wright a book on this.

lol :)

sry for the grammer and spelling

P.s. if ne of you know of the manga deathnote, think of it kinda like that, but withough the notebook


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When you do write the book, do everyone a favor and have someone else type it up for you.. :p


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First one sounds like Rise&Fall: Civilizations at War?
Its a preatty good game too.
And something I also want to see is a new MMO that can actually compete With WoW. And FREE! ^.^

Also, I always wanted an MMO that can double as a Single player. So when you don't have an Internet connection at hand (IE In the Car or On a Plane)
you can play a story line, AND play in the MMO world without all the people. No people stealing your loot. Also I would love to be able to see better graphics than WOW, and make it more like a First person view styled game. Mix FPS into that and to actually see the damage you inflict on a Enemy. No waving your sword around the enemy, it dies, and it looks exactly the same as it did before just on the ground not moving.

MMO's make me feel like I am in the video game world, not just getting a "High" off the action and adrenaline.
I like this thread. ^.^


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@ thesis
check out tom Clancy end war i think it was
its very similar to your idea

one of my idea's was a huge multi player map (could be for a bunch of war games was mostly thinkin cod4) where like you have the terrorists army and the regular army around 150 people in the troop and every single person is a real person playing as that
now there objective isnt nesiseraly to kill every one put to push back the troops and capture strategical points
but while doing this they have to worry about air strikes and flanks and stuff like that