ideal internet speed for gaming PC?

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hi guys i got a question here.

what is the ideal internet speed for gaming pc? im going to subscribe internet at charter communications. they offer 1mbps for $20.00/month 8mbps for $30.00/month 16mbps for $40.00/month. you think 1mbps is good enough for gaming? mostly play DOTA.
Yeas, 1mbps should be fine, more important is stability and latency of connection.
I think you can start from 1mbps and if not enough then upgrade to 8mbps anytime, depends from your ISP.
Try to check with somebody who has the same connection the ping to playing server, less latency in milliseconds is better.
1mbps will be fine! I use it for PC gaming and also for gaming with my consoles and it works fine. BUT if you plan to ever have friends over that will be playing online with you, you are going to want to make sure you have enough bandwidth and you also may want to go with the 8mbps.
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