Icewind Dale II

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All Seeing Eye
Anyone played Icewind Dale II already??
Just my kind of game! RPG is my 2nd name probably! :D
I can't take my hands of this game! great one!
I was amazed by BG1, disappointed with BG2, bored with Icewind Dale I and Icewind Dale Heart of Winter, but now this came and I won the jack pot!
great one, I'm inlove.
I even had success with my charecters names (usualy it takes me ages!).
Here is how my party is built:
A Pladin named Capcom, A Rouge named Marvel, A Monk named Tomar, A Druid named Sonya, A Rouge named Sparks and a Wizard named Gurrero. I aspecially love Tomar, great name!
Give me you opinions on this game, and on the names that I choosed if I may :)
thanks alot,
And god bless America :D

Cheers (b)!

btw, I even have the bouns cd, with the charecters's pictures and a the game's trailor.. I just love RPG, the best kind of games..
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