iBook Death

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So about a week ago i went to turn on my iBook (its old, like 2 years) and just got nothing. It powered up but would not load the OS. So I Alt booted and foudn that it no longer was recognizing the HD. I work with laptops for a living and we had soem old iBook HDs sitting aroudn that they let me use and I installed it. Rant he Hardware test and evertything checked out fine. I go into teh disk utility and evrase the drive and then go to install but no matter what I do I get a cannot install or boot on this drive messege. ANy ideas to teh problem?

ALso this is the second drive i have tried, first i had a 100 GB 5400 RPM drive and the laptop woudl not even recognize the existance of it so I got a 40 GB 4200 and now have these current issues.

The iBook is a G4 1.33 GHz 14" model.
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