IBM ThinkPad T20


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Anyone interested in an IBM ThinkPad T20?

Here's all the info..
IBM ThinkPad T20
Type 2647

Pentium III - 700Mhz
128MB Ram
1 Serial Port
1 S-Video Port
1 External Video Port
1 USB Port
1 Ethernet Port (Doesnt work.. read below)
1 Modem Port
2 PCMCIA Slots
...a mic under the screen
the speakers are very clear and work good..

the only problem is... the screen doesnt work.. which, you can buy one for pretty cheap off ebay.. this laptop's sitting on my table across the room and it hardly ever gets used because I've got an iBook and a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop that I'm always using. I'm in the US, so.. if you're interested.. USD!!! lol

If anyone wants it, I'll format the HDD before shipping..

when I use it, I have it hooked up to a dock (port replicator) with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.... I've ran Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, and Windows XP on it without a problem. There is a Windows 98 Product Key on bottom, but there's no CDs.. . I will include the port replicator/dock with it.. it doen't come with any books or CDs.. but if you'd like.. I could make a CD full of the IBM ThinkPad T20 Drivers.. Also, the Ethernet port doesn't work.. it didnt work when I bought it.. I'll include a Linksys PCMCIA Ethernet 10BaseT Card, model # NP101. The bottom of the laptop (the cover to the HDD and Ram, i believe) had black paint like coating over them, but like all thinkpads, they get warm.. and the paint started peeling.. but only on those two spots. It'll include an AC adapter.. and the battery still holds a good charge.

Cosmetically, the outside has normal scuff marks.. the trackpoint "mouse" and keyboard are in good condition, but keyboard is missing "Delete" and the right "Control" key..

Anyone interested? And I'm serious. I will not take less than $200 USD, I bought it three and a half years ago for $900 USD.

Serious people only... I dont want people saying "I'll give you $50 for it" no...

I'll post pictures very soon.. just gotta take them and upload them..