i7 980x on EVGA X58

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Alright, I know that all you need is a new BIOS flash for the EVGA X58 board to get the new i7 980X chip to work on their MOBO.

BUT, what do you do if you are building a new computer and you will be using the X58 MOBO for the first time w/ the i7 980X chip? How do I get the new BIOS installed onto this MOBO?

I'm building a new computer for the first time so I hope this isn't a stupid question to ask.
Hopefully the mobo comes with the required flash, otherwise you'll need to use a supported cpu, flash the mobo and then install the 980X.
Yep, so long as you're buying the MOBO new it will come with the latest BIOS installed. If not the latest, then I'd at least hope for one of the later ones.

By now you shouldn't have to worry about that.
Thanks everyone for your responses.

I'm getting closer to being able to buy the stuff for the new computer so I'll let you all know how things go.
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