I3 newegg


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Hi peeps
Ok thanks to the help of the forum I have found out my pc is ready for the electronic graveyard 8(.Money is a bit short and I'm looking to try and get a good gaming rig that I can upgrade in the future, so please if any body can suggest anything that would be coolsky.
Also I live in uk so not sure of post and packaging cost from overseas and if ordering overseas is a good idea thx again -D.

Oh have seen a "i3 gaming rig" on newegg , reviews say no sound, reinstall windows 7 but lots of memory etc if any key could check it out for me with their expert eye that would be fab, thx again


if you type in ebay.co.uk : motherbored and cpu bundle, you'll find some really nice cheap good motherboerds and CPU's, I have myself in the same postion as you but I'm spending 250pound next week on a whole new system...
You'll need a pretty good graphics card also, I saw benchmarks for Ati Radeon 6950, for the price it's fantastic , it plays skyrim also...

Hope this helps