i wiped out my pc, installed vista, and now can't access internet.

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hello there. Well i wiped out everything on my pc, then reinstalled it, and it says i have no ethernet driver. How can i get a ethernet driver, any1 got sum ideas?
What motherboard make/model? I can provide you with a link to the driver (probably) if you tell me what motherboard you're using.

If you are using a pre-built computer such as Dell, HP, Compaq, etc etc, then you'll need to provide the model number and manufacturer of the computer.

EDIT: Remember this for next time. I always burn a CD with all of the drivers (32bit AND 64bit for various Operating Systems) before installing new OS. This will save you time and frustration.

You're going to need to burn a CD on another computer, use a USB thumb drive, or take the hard disk out and put it in another computer. There are a few other methods, such as using serial or ltp ports to connect the two computers, but it's slow and easier just to burn a CD.
A USB thumb drive. It's recognized as another drive in windows, and you can copy files to it.

Connect the USB thumb drive, go to My Computer in windows, and then copy the files to the drive.

You need to find the drivers on the motherboard manufacturers website.
Keep in mind you need to also fine out what drivers aren't installed. USB may not be installed either.

As everyone else said you are going to have to do some digging to find the drivers for that motherboard (or find your CD). I did a quick search and that isn't a well known manuf. so i don't believe they have a website that has the drivers - which will make your search a bit more difficult.
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