I wanyt to wipe to operating systems and reinstall- but I need help!!

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I wanyt to wipe two operating systems and reinstall- but I need help!!

A couple of years ago my local PC repair company took away the computer to remove a couple of viruses. We originally had Windows ME installed on our computer, however, the repair company installed Windows XP Professional. So I now have two different operating systems on my computer ( both of which I use).

Anyway, to get to the point, I want to completely erase both my harddrives using Eraser's Darik's boot and nuke, then I want to install both operating systems again. But first I have a couple of questions which I'm hoping people may be able to help me with. :)

1. I want to use DBAN's highest erasing option, so that literally no-one can recover even snippets of the data. How do I change the option from default to higher?

2. If I use a high erasing option will I only need to overwrite/destroy the OS once or will I need to do it several times ( I want to be sure the data won't be recovered as I said).

3. When I've finished destroying the OS, will I simply reboot the PC and install the fresh copy of the os from the first page which comes up when you turn on your PC (The page hich gives you the option of which operating system to start)?

4. I've been told to install Windows ME first, will I be able to install XP through windows ME (once that's up and running again?)

5. Is it possible to only destroy one OS at a time using DBAN, because I wanted to erase them one at a time.

Please post if you can help, thanks! ;)


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your using the wrong software .. just stick in the install CDS and when it asks if you want to format the partion hit yes .. no need for all that BS