I want to remove Internet Explorer


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Have not found a way yet. sure it can be done. but without causing system malthfunctions, i do not know.


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i would keep it because thats where a lot of programs go to download things. Internet Explorer may fail, but i would keep it because what happens if you delete it and it deletes all of your other browsers? Although highly unlikely you never know.....

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You can't completely uninstall the program. You can uninstall any newer versions that have been installed, reverting it back to the version that originally came with the OS, but that's about it.

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There will be a feature in Win7 that allows this but not in any of the earlier Windows releases.

You can remove it using third party software (Google is your friend) but even the mozilla site advises against it

mozillazine said:
Remove Internet Explorer from Windows
Although uninstalling Internet Explorer from Windows is possible, you are strongly advised not to remove IE, for a number of reasons [1]:

1.Many web sites are programmed to work only with Internet Explorer. For example, webmasters authoring a site may have not tested with other web browsers. The majority of websites on the Internet should work with Mozilla browsers, but there are some sites that appear distorted or inaccessible unless IE is used as a browser.

2.Windows Update requires Internet Explorer. As an alternative, you may be able to manually download security updates, but it will require more monitoring and work than letting Windows Update handle this for you.

3.Some applications depend on libraries installed by Internet Explorer. These applications may no longer work or they may behave unexpectedly if IE is removed.

4.Some anti-virus products require IE for updates. Live updates or automatic DAT updates used by both Norton and McAfee are built on Internet Explorer's foundation. You may be able to manually update your virus signature files but it could require more work.

5.Both removing and restoring IE is risky and difficult. IE is complex with extensive hooks built into Windows, for efficiency and functionality. Thus unplugging it from your system may impact Internet connectivity, Windows functionality, and break functionality in Microsoft Office and non-MS products.

6.IE is more than a browser, it is the foundation for Internet functionality in Windows.

If you still want to remove IE despite these warnings, there are third-party programs available like LitePC that remove IE but these are most definitely not recommended for novice users. Instead of uninstalling IE, you should consider the alternatives first, such as making IE more secure, or hiding Internet Explorer.

Alternatively you can disable and hide it as per this article but you may still encounter some problems with sites coded exclusively to IE etc