**I Want To Over Clock my "IBM M Pro" Computer but How?**

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Hey guy's I was wondering if anyone knows or has an IBM M Pro 400Mhz computer... I want to over clock it but have no Idea how to... What I do know is you have to change the jumper settings for the Processor right? I have a Pentium 2, 400Mhz Processor and what do I do to over clock it... Does anyone know off hand, how much faster I can make this baby fly? If anyone can please help me out with this one I'd be greatful...

Things I want to know about my computer.

#1. Where are the jumpers to overclock my Pentium 2 400Mhz Processor?

#2 How much faster can I make from a 400Mhz?

#3. Is this possible to do?

#4. Does anyone have any info on the IMB M Pro Pentium 2 400Mhz Processor computer?

#5. Can anyone give me a step-by-step "How-To" on achieveing to overclocking my computer?

Thanks Guy's Your the greatest.. :D
The PII 400mhz ran with a 100mhz FSB and a 4.0x multiplier. Since the PII's were multiplier locked, the best you can do is 133x4.0 (533mhz), and that's only if your board even supports it.

After poking around on IBM's website, it looks like your mobo automatically determines the clock speed for you (so you can't change it yourself). So it looks like you're outta luck overclocking-wise, but you could still give your old system a boost by picking up a new processor for it.. once again depending on what your motherboard supports, you could probably go as high as a PIII 1ghz or a Celeron around the same.
Well, with the IBM, I don't even think that the mb will be able to use the overclocking... Ever thought of getting a new computer???? and why o why did u buy a IBM in the first place?
There is software out there to make manual FSB adjustments during Windows/OS sessions (as well as throttling), however I generally don't recommend making use of those.
Ummm Disciple... I didn't pay anything for the IBM M Pro Computer, A friend of mine gave it to me. And you know what, it's working great, I was just wondering if n e 1 knew any info on the over clocking, to see if I can do it. I think the IBM M Pro is a wonderful Machine, It may not be like 1.5Ghz or n e thing like that but it's fast enough for me to surf the net and download stuff etc.... And no I don't need a new computer cuz I have a bunch of them in my room, I refurbish computers which is great to do cuz you learn stuff from working on computers. I mean I'll admit I didn't know jack sh** about computers about 3 years ago but now I have experience, and I gained that experience by constantly working on computers and learning. As for over clocking, I have never in my life have attempted it and I am willing to challenge that, but before I make a project out of It I need to learn a few things about it, so if anyone has n e useful info please reply, Thanks guy's Lataz
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