I want to get rid of my old computer, but first, how much is it worth?


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I got this like 3 years ago new from a freind for $500, and i know it sucks, but i want to get rid of it.

Intell Pentium 3, 933 mhz
376 DD Ram ( i think it's DD, cuz it's not SD and it's not DDR )
Windows XP Home Edition
Radeon 7000, 64mb
Moniter, not sure how big, but its less than 17" and its old (White)
speakers, mouse, and keyboard
(Mouse and keyboard are standard dell ones, but the comp itself is not dell)

I figured thats all thats importaint, but if not ask me what else i should list.

PS: even though it maes no sense, im also willing to trade this for a better one for anyone who wants it
Well I have never heard of DD RAM so I am assuming you mean RD RAM.

Intel P3-$75
376RD RAM-$45
Windows XP Home Edition
Radeon 7000-$20?
Speakers,Mouse,and Keyboard-$35

That just guessing mostly, I am guessing you could probably get $300-400 for it, just put it up on eBay for like 400 and see if anyone bids on it.
So it is probably RD. Download CPU-Z and allow it to tell you.

You can download it at www.cpuid.com, it is a great advanced system information tool that will tell you what type of RAM along with many other things your computer has.