I want to erase an ilok from a usb device.


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I am a Mac User, so I will reference Mac-related software. Sorry if there is a grammar/spelling error, I'm not an English native speaker.
A few years ago i bought a M-track audio interface that brought a license for a lite version of Pro Tools. I use Ableton so I never used it. Now I need a new usb device and I thought I could format the Ilok key and use it as a normal usb. The thing is that I don't know how, because I can't access to it. It does not appear on the Disk Utility app (shows what devices are connected to your computer), but it does show up on the System information app (provides detailed specifications about the Mac. That includes the USB ports). I tried in Ubuntu and it's the same, computer recognizes there is a device connected but it does not show up in disks. Any ideas?