I wanna add a neon light but......

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I am in the process of installing a neon light into my computer..... is it going to be ok to do so, or am I going to fry the hell out of my computer for installing a neon light inside the computer... I put a plexi glass side panel to the computer and I wanted to add a neon light, which has the cigeret connector at the end, and I was planning on cutting that off and some how splice the wires from the neon and hook it up to a power source from the computer, but where should I hook it up to, to get power? Anyone have any Idea's? If so please post, Thanks guy's... Lataz
I don't really feel like spending money on that when I already have a neon light that would work... I just wanna know if It will work which I'm sure of it, and where can I connect it 2? Thanks
I recommend not using the neon light that you have...its is generally made for cars. You would be better off buying a cold-cathode light kit. (which you can find for under $15) Plus, neon doesn't give off as much light.
I agree with slo guy... your gonna spend money on crap to make this silly neon light work.. you can find them on ebay for cheap or even go to a local store now who has them. Plus the cold cathodes have on off toggle switches and they dont produce alot of heat like other lights.... you want to mod, then spend the money... dont cheap out and wigger your box out. It would be like buying a corvette and then putting on plastic hubcabs on the side.
go with the cold cathode light, it is worth it to spend a few dollars. You will be happier with the results, without the worry.
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