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ok...i have a question...lets say one has a problem w/ and internet filter...the father is relentless and does not deam the one worthy of exploiting the great and wonderous sites so he installs a filter and makes sure its there...now...my question...i have windows xp on my computer right now...but can i partition a small chunk of my harddrive (lets say 5gigs or so) and install windows 98 on there and boot up in windows 98 to get around the filter? if you don't wanna respond because it would give me access to content i shouldn't have access too...don't worry...i wouldn't do that...all i want to do this for is to get on the truely funny websites (stupidvideos.com being one of them). Plus...i allready have access to that ;) (another question...is this boarder line content? i can edit if so)


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don't ask...

Your dad put the filter on and in his mind he has a good reason. You're walking a fine line comming here and asking us to tell you how to get around it. I think you need to just do as your father wants.
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