I.T. Wars: Managing the Business-Technology Weave in the New Millennium

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I am David Scott, author of I.T. Wars: Managing the Business-Technology Weave in the New Millennium. I recently discovered this forum, and am impressed with the comprehensive approach to business-technology endeavors.

I’d like to introduce my book - it is a unique Business-IT book. It tackles the necessity for proper alignment of technology to business from a holistic consideration. A new-concept environment, the Business-Technology Weave, is introduced as the new leading edge – a responsible forward edge, if you will. It is a mutually reinforcing one whereby all elements – people, knowledge, communication, corporate culture, attitudes, relationships, content (information), infrastructure, applications, needs, and expectations - are tuned and balanced in accordance with the continuum of change. Within the continuum are ongoing challenges, and the contiguous nature of technology’s support to every corner and crevice of today’s business process. Everything from employee behavior concerning IMs, e-mails, blogging, downloading, and portable data (the liabilities for what's being done "in the name of your domain") - to disaster planning, preparedness, and recovery - to large-scale issues of national security - are exposed, examined, and discussed for ultimate outcome within the Weave.

Further, my book contains strong treatments on general business security and practices, exposure of vulnerabilities within new regulatory requirements, and examination of protectionism, jealously, and resultant divides between organizations working “united” fronts. Generally, the book’s entire thrust is emerging business issues, and their standing within the critical necessity for best use of technology. My final chapter (What’s at Stake – Lessons of the Business-Technology Weave) examines technology as a critical foundation to any modern society’s survivability, along with that foundation’s crucial vulnerabilities and dependencies. Lessons from post-Katrina New Orleans and 9/11 are discussed, and future potential terror strikes are examined for their contribution to the “local” organization’s economic and physical vulnerabilities. Solutions are exposed that help to secure the local organization, the surrounding public “whole,” and in fact any nation’s Business-Technology Weave.

I believe there to be a strong need for such a book. In May, the Digital Government Research Center profiled the book at their annual conference in San Diego (DGRC is a joint center of the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California and the Department of Computer Science at Columbia University). Also in May, I spoke to the Metropolitan District of Columbia Medical Management Group in addressing their business-technology challenges, in relation to their examination of the book against current practices. At present, the Society of Human Resource Management is using the book to help craft some of their internal IT and business-related policies. And, just this week, TMA Resources asked permission to use the book in support of seminars in Washington DC, Chicago, and on the web. TMA Resources is one of the larger application solutions providers, specializing in service to member-centric organizations.

These modest successes are the result of face-to-face meetings or introductions with principals in these organizations. The book seems to sell itself once it is in a position of attention. In building on this, I have purchased ad space in the August issue of PC World, on newsstands July 11th.

A little about myself: I ascended the “ranks” in IT management, first building networks, then managing applications-implementations and migrations, and finally directing teams of business and technology professionals in delivering sound business solutions. I’ve directed Information Technology endeavors for many Washington DC Metro organizations, including private business, government agencies and associations, and I’ve consulted on a contractual basis. I’ve helped to emplace, restore, and grow IT/business success in several global Fortune 500 companies in leading areas such as public relations, patient care, laboratory accreditation, direct-mail marketing, telecommunications, and food safety. I’ve also assisted several organizations in providing human and environmental services, in facilitating solutions through volunteerism, and in preserving and enhancing global water quality for the environment.

If you are aware of those who may benefit from my book, its treatments, and perspectives, I would welcome that exposure as well as the opportunity to help. Some have also called the book "IT Director, or CTO, in a box." If you're looking to jump into IT management, or to progress within, you'll find much of value here. It also helps "business" people understand their IT challenges, and should make things easier all around. It's available on Amazon.com, and you can find more info on www.David-Scott.net.


David Scott
I.T. Wars: Managing the Business-Technology Weave in the New Millennium
[420 pages, trade paperback, BookSurge Publishing]
ISBN: 1-4196-2763-5
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