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This is a sweet idea, It allows you to get ram, put in theis PCI slot, and your PC reads it like a hard drive. Although ram is volitile and there are some limitations, when opening games, and such its faster, and if you are a speed demon, I-ram is going to rock! Read More!

I'm sorry if it sounds like Spam, but it is a cool idea!


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does sound a cool idea, but i think theres a few flaws...

if you dont turn your pc on for a while wont the battery run out and you''ll lose data

ram chips are expensive for small capacity compared with hard disks!! you could easily pick up a 200GB sata hdd for the price of a 1GB ram stick! so maybe solid state needs to develop more before this is really introduced.. but it may start a drive for it!

it is neat though, simply the reliability factor!! :D