I plug in Sony DSC Camera, Win XP home shuts off

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I'm experiencing problems when I plug in my sony DSC s-70 camera (via usb) to my computer. I'm running Windows XP home. I had been using the camera for months with Windows XP with no problems, but 2 days ago (after I installed a service pack update that I downloaded from mircosoft) Windows begin to recognize the camera as a "new device" every time I plug it in to my usb port. I get the "new hardware found" message and then the camera wizard pops up. Before I have time enough to click on the camera wizard and dowload photos the computer automatically reboots. I have tried switching usb ports, closing out the "new hardware detected" message, not using the wizard to download photos, but I cannot stop the system from rebooting a few seconds after I plug in the camera. I'm trying to avoid a reformat, but I don't know of a way to remove the service pack I installed, and I'm not familiar with any way of defeating plug and play while still being able to download photos via usb. Any ideas? Thank you :)
You can remove the patch from the add/remove programs panel. Also try reinstalling the camera software again.

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