I need some suggestions on a purchase...

Jessie S.

Beta member
I'm going to put my order in soon to purchase a new dell laptop but I'm having a hard time deciding which type of laptop to get.

Budget: $500-$900 (Tax In)

Basically, heres a list of areas in which I'd like it to preform best:

  • Having multiple programs open (MSN, AIM, Localhost WAMP, firefox, itunes, etc.)
  • Play on at least Medium settings in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and high settings on Counter Strike Source

My current laptop (dell latitude d820) lags on intense Counter Strike servers with over 30 people in it :(

Heres my selection: http://www1.dell.com/ca/business/p/vostro-laptops?~ck=mn&scat=vostronb&s_tnt=23689:1:0,

Please help! Thanks!
Does your laptop have to be from the Dell website? Newegg usually has some awesome deals on laptops. You could also look at the Asus lineup.