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I think i truly hate winxp...but nevermind that...what i need to know is..how to install win98 on this puter since its running xp...i cant even find my dos on this damn thing..-having serious blonde moments here-..i could have sworn that somewhere in all these threads i saw what i needed but i cant find it again...err i have enough drive to keep xp and add win98(different parti.) and maybe just choose which system i would like to use? is that possible and if it is?...can someone please help me?
well i tried to use the win98 cd and install but it says i have to install it from dos...no luck there...ive seen too many property setting tonight...i cant find my brain much less anything else on here...i thought perhaps..since it did give me a option to install via dos that it wasnt a complete loss?
too true....at any rate...thanks for the reply...i'll do some more research and see if i can find a way...the only reason i wish to change it is because i cant set up a network on here at all...i keep hitting a brick wall...i even did wingate 5.0 and manual proxy and what a joke that turned out to be...PITA....=-)
If you get Partition Magic 8.0 you can resize the drive that WinXP resides on (NTFS) and create a new partion in the Fat32 format so you'll have a drive in the right format to install Win98. I'm not sure of the way to dual boot in WinXP & 98, but you could do a search for dual boot or boot loader.

What network problems are you encountering?

PS: To get a dos prompt in xp go to run and type : command
thank god you decided to come to the forums because THAT IS THE BEST NEWS I HAVE HAD ALL NIGHT...yeehhaaww...lol...as far as networking problems...wingate 5.0 will allow me to be a server but im having IP conflicts with the client..ive changed the settings off and on all night until im disgusted...i cant figure a way to lan with just my hardware adapter ..tho that should be simple...it isnt for this chick...and when i try to network with the software that came with my adapter...the set up wizard keeps saying there is no adapter found on this pc...and another freaky thing re: networking xp/win9....when i located all my network settings/tools...everything shows as..0.0 megs installed...which is a fat 0 right?..i truly dont get it..but im not a techie...sooo
or you could go to the command prompt and type

iprelease | all <--- I don't know if i spelled release right?
iprenew | all

that should try to do something...
Do you happen to know of a easier way to network with a phone line adapter?...using winxp and 98?...software will run on the 98 but not on the xp...keeps telling me there is no adapter on here...if i could fix that i could skip all the other stuff....-would be a miracle-
HomeFree Usb Phone-Line adapter...hardware and came with software disc...to set up a host and slave connection
I've looked around at some things and in windows xp you should try this:

Go to control panel,
go to networking,
right click on the connection you are sharing (on all your computer),
click properties,
click on the networking tab and click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click properties,
make sure that the option box "Optain IP address automaticly is checked".

Also in the list of networking properties, make sur that File & Print sharing for Microsoft Networks is checked...

any luck?
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