I need some help here


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Alright, so i have this new computer, and it ran fine for a while, then when i shut it down and started it later, windows would not start up. it simply gets to the loading screen for windows, then stops. I tried reinstalling, with the same problem. I tried system restore....same thing. I checked the battery on the mobo, and it is good. I have not found any sort of solution other than leaving my computer on forever...
SOOOO.... if anyone knows what i could do, it would be a big help.


System: 160gb 7200rpm hd, 37gb 10,000rpm hd, 2gb ddr2, amd 4000+ processor, 2xgeforce 6800 gs, 500w psu, evga motherboard


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Try removing all aditional non necessary hardware from the system and try and load in safe mode. Has your computer got adequate ventilation?


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Yeah, i have three 120mm case fans, heatsink and fan, and both graphics cards have fans... i also have temp readout and it is never too hot...

i have tried clearing the hds, and reformatting them...and but its still not working correctly..hmmmm


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Think of the last program you installed, and uninstall it. Usually when you get to the loading screen, and it freezes or stops, it's usually related to software. If it's hardware related, it usually don't get that far. Try the suggestion earlier, try loading in safe mode, if you can get it reinstalled. If you can't get it reinstalled, it's possible it's the hard drive.


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The computer starts in safe mode, but still wont start in the regular mode. How could i check whether or not it is a hardware/software related Problem?