I Need Powermac Roms :) :) :) :) :)

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If you've ever tried emulating a Mac on a PC, you should have an idea of what it requires. Recently i tried to install and use a version of SoftMac for windows 2000, and it asked me for a MAC ROM.

Well, basically, the ROM of a macintosh is the actual identity of the Mac itself. It tells your OS what kind of comp it is, and also knows what OS's it's compatible to start up with as well as how to use the keyboard and mouse. If you have an old PowerMac, it's usualy just a small chip on the board somwhere.

I'm using this emu:

Anyway, where could i find some PowerMac roms? Every website or P2P program i've searched is usless.

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Where would you solder a Mac ROM to a PC motherboard? A ROM is a chip containing burned-in code. And Mac OSs have no instruction set capable of operating a PC motherboard.

I've only done the opposite, running Windows on a Mac via an emulator. With Virtual PC, the Windows system becomes effectively an application running off the Mac OS, but with it's own allocated HD space.

It's my understanding the task of an emulator is only to interface two different systems, with the native system actually running the motherboard and hardware.

If your emulator is intended for Mac OS 9, and you're trying to install OS X, I would guess the instructions the emulator uses to fool the Mac installer's ROM checker is going to be meaningless to an OS X installer.

The only way my EMU can use any OS is to use a PowerPC ROM image. I don't know how it's done, but every Mac EMU site i've been to refers me to links to these files that don't even F*king work!! :( :confused: :cool:
Not sure about finding ROM images, but how about a different approach to Mac emulation?

Try PearPC? You'll need an operating system, by the way.
Actually, this is pretty interesting. I may just load a throwaway XP system on one of my PCs and try loading an emulated Mac OS on it. I have every Mac OS installer from 8.0 to 10.4

The ROM image thing seems a bit strange, you'd think it would be integrated into the emulator interface rather than a seperate bit of software. Maybe it's a copyright thing.

You are absoluteley right. :( that program bends over. :( But Sheep shaver is something i can't even use :(

The whole thing looks like a bunch of assembly code files. there's not a single thing that runs, and there's not a single thing in there that even tells me how to use anything in the folder. (Not even the online documentation.)
Do you (or anyone else ) has any idea how SheepShaver Works? Anybody? :confused: :cool:
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