I need opinions about this MOBO ...

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I know the DFI Lanparty UT NF4-D Nforce 4 Athlon 64 skt 939 board is a favorite of a lot of people on here.

I'm trying to put together a new computer for a friend of mine and don't want to spend that much on a MB.

How about this board?


I don't see any reviews on it, so I thought I'd ask here. I'm not too concerned about overclocking. For the most part, I just want a quality stable board with the new 939 socket. I can add the A64 3000+ Venice for $139 as a special combo buy. I'll probably just buy a really inexpensive video card to round out the build as well as use some remaining parts like the HD, floppy and DVD burner to round out the build.

What makes the more expensive DFI board better? I see it has two PCI-x 16 slots, but other than that, are they pretty similar?
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