I need help with a router.


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I use a Linksys router, my cousion stays with me and is always on myspace, she has a laptop with wireless connection, and is constantly lagging me out of xbox live. Is there a way i can block her connection without getting on her computer from the router controlpanal?


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Yeah, easily. With most linksys routers, you can go into the wireless settings, and there's a menu called Wireless MAC Filter, and you can pull her mac filter from the access list (usually by selecting the Edit Mac list, then selecting Wireless Client MAC List) and tell it to prevent those PC's from using your network. Just make sure she doesn't know how to clone MAC addresses and changes hers after you do this.


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4,775 - enter that in your browser address bar and type 'admin' as the password leaving the username space blank. At least that's what the default is on my linksys router. That should suit your needs.

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Yup MAC filtering sounds good....

If you have no need for wireless you could just disable it all together, which would be a bit easier for someone experienced with routers ;)

If you or someone else needs wireless though you could MAC filter like they said, or just encrypt it with a password and not tell her what it is...i bet that would bother your cousin the most :D