I Need Help Installing Fedora


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I'm newbie here to Linux and decided to get my first Linux experience with Fedora 10. I'm using Windows XP while I've downloaded Fedora 10 to my computer. Now that I've never installed any OS ever I've issue with installation process. The issue is "I don't know how to install once the download is over.":p

Right now I've saved downloaded Fedora 10 into a folder to install once I'm through with process of installation.

So, Do I need to burn Fedora 10 into a CD/DVD to begin the installation?

Does it works too if I burn it into a USB drive (pen-drive)?

Though, the installation will not prompt automatically after booting the computer; what procedure do I need to follow to complete the installation successfully?

Or, I can install it from the desktop anyway?

Any help will be appreciated.:)

P.S. I want to dual boot both OS (Win-XP and Fedora 10.) Using one operating system at one time and shift to other whenever required.

P.S.S. If my questions sounds too stupid; remember that I'm 'newbie":D


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1. Burn the ISO image to a cd/dvd.
2. boot up the cd when you restart your pc.
3. follow on-screen instructions.

*and no it won't work if u put it on a usb jump drive.

thats pretty much the simplest way to install fedora 10.


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Actually you can use a USB thumb-drive, to install, or run any live iso... Though you do have to set the usb to be bootable... Off the top of my head I can't remember exactly how though, but if I don't get back to you in time, you could google it...
Also you will have to set the BIOS to boot from a removable device... Though on older computers you won't be able to do this....