I need a program that "Multi-clicks" when you hold down

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Ok for some good reason I need a windows program that does this:

When I hold down the mouse button, the program instead clicks the mouse button very quickly (like 40 times per second). I could just spam-click the mouse button, but I'm too slow and it would hurt my finger after some time. I'd rather use brains and have the computer do this FOR me.

This would be very useful for a task I'm trying to do. First one to find (or program :p ) me such a program will receive a big warm soft cookie.

Oh, and I'm running Win 7 64-bit.

kk thanks guys good luck.
wtf this is a hotkey program for keyboards, not exactly what I'm looking for.
the link above even says for mouse and keyboards

in the tutorial page
AutoHotkey Tutorial: Macro and Hotkey Creation


Repeating a series of actions over and over

even has the script for you already

"The following example clicks the left mouse button repeatedly while the user is holding down the F1 key:"

a farmer can grow food for you, but you still have to feed your self, quit being lazy.
I believe someone just got pwned :p

kk, i got pwned my bad.

So will that loop break after you depress the mouse button? And how do you set the number of clicks per second?

Someone show me exactly what I need to code to get this working, i dont know this script. The only programming I know is using MATALB but that is for doing math problems with matrices, not computer related programs.

Here's what I need (my pseudo noob code):

>>if (mouse button is pressed)
>>>>for t=1:10 --! this will make it click 10 times

something like that. How do i get that done so AutoHotKey will work with it?

that's what it takes to get a cookie.
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