I need a good midi editor.

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I'm helping my girlfriend work on a Macromedia Director project, and i'm gonna probably put a midi background song...but it only needs to be about 30 seconds, i'm having trouble finding one short enough, so if anyone knows a good midi editor, you can sure let me know where it's at...
thanks mr. on the ball, you must be slow over there at work, or are you at work?
oh yea, im at work, got sundays and tuesdays at work, and i dont post much on those days. But its pretty slow as always, then again, i can multi-task like a crazy mo-fo.
a multi-taking mo-fo, sounds like a mofoin' good time to me. I'm just chillin at my house tonight. now i'm gonna have some roast for dinner....hahaha have good bk or mcd or other stuff fast and nasty.........hehehehehahha
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