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hey! i know this is kind of an old topic here in the high performance PC's...but i don't have any spare time to do this myself..and wondered if one of yall could build me a PC....so here are the things i need :D

Processor - Must be pentium D (or AMD 64 dualcore)
Ram - 512x2 DDR2 dual channel (or no dual channel)
Graphics - preferably a PCI-E with 256mb
Mobo - must have 4 ram slots, and at least 4 pci
Hdd - i guess 250gb
Opticle drives - at least one cd-rw
Other componets - i need an all in one media card reader
Case - just a spiffy case with a usb in front...nothing really special

and i need it for at or under $1000 (if possible) also, is the AMD good at multitasking? or is the Pentium D better?

the Pc needs to be reliable, and it MUST be from www.newegg.com

thank you sooo much...you don't know how much i appreciate this!

BTW. Happy Fathers Day!
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