I killed it!!!

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So last week I got another radeon 4850 to crossfire my system, I had a crossfire compatible motherboard and power supply. Well after installing and hitting the power button my PSU fried both my hard drives and my motherboard.

The PSU and hard drives are under warranty and wont be a problem to replace. The motherboard (DFI Lanparty X38-T2RB) is no longer under warranty. So I find myself in the market for a new mobo.

I dont have enough money right now so I have to stick with a socket 775 board. So far I have been looking at ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Just filled out RMA's for both my hard drives and the power supply. So I have a little time to look for a new motherboard.

What socket 775 motherboard would you all recommend that crossfires nicely?
I don't know if there is such a thing. Socket 775 is SLi only. You can use one card from ATi but not two.

edit: that P5Q board you linked to says it supports CF. It's a p45 chipset. Seems a bit on the spendy side for a p45/socket 775. I could be wrong though, I am certainly no motherboard genius.
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