I hope they serve beer in hell.


Golden Master
Anyone read this book? Oh my God, it's hilarious. Best book ever. I can't stop laughing. This guy basically tells stories about getting wasted, having sex, and being irresponsible. It's probably not funny if you can't relate, but every other thing the guy says I'm just thinking hahaha I know exactly what you mean! And the guy can tell a great story, even if he probably is embellishing it.

**Don't read it if you're against excessive drinking, premarital sex, breaking the law, or womanizing. If all that sounds amazing, you have to read it. Go buy it. Right now.


Fully Optimized
United States
Well, the title brought my interest but the contents really turn me away lol. All that stuff is fun to talk/joke about, but in practice, I really can't stand it, Besides premarital sex. I think that is acceptable it's with someone you love, not some random person, your drunk, etc. Like a steady girlfriend/boyfriend for a significant amount of time would qualify in my opinion.