I have a wierd problem.


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My computer(the one in the sig, thats my real one) is doing something weird that I have never seen before. If i move files onto my other hdd my whole computer goes slow and my mouse starts gliching across the screen and my music skips around alot. For example if I am copying a folder from my raptor to my ide this happens. It is very weird. Even if I am downloading a lot of music on LimeWire it happens since the folder that LimeWire saves all of its music two is on the IDe hdd, I might not of explained this very well but do you know what is going on, or have ever seen this problem before? also, if I'm just using my other hdd everything is fine and fast.


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can you do a read write test on it...it could be failing and the bit loss rate could be really high...

then again I am just taking a guess...