I hate my teacher

Dang lol I hate my Writing Workshop teacher Mr. Weinberg besides the fact that hes gay, He wont let me turn in two major essays, and I need to pass this class because I need it to graduate this year, I have to Graduate!, but damn I have both essays all dont both essays are over 800 words no joke btw, and I have them all typed up, and I had them checked over by annother teacher to look for any spelling and grammer erros and i was about to hand them in and he is like no! you need to have notes even before you can start youre rough draft but im like, I allready have my rough draft and final draft done, he was like no! you have to have notes.... so im like wtf so then I go ok ill do some notes and then he is like ok and when I do the notes he said no wrong.... im LIKE WTH grr sorry
and yes I know my grammer,puncuation and typing sucks...


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Go to his supervisor and file a complaint. From what you said you appear to have met the criteria of the class. Keep a cool head and present your case. But then you're going to have to live with how it comes out.


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I had a teacher like that. I had made a 92 on a test we had to do test corrections I had 2 answers wrong they wre true and false I put false for both of them. So its OBVIOUS without having to do any major thinking the answer was true. I mean you only have a choice between two and if one isn't right the other is right. So I chagned my answer as we were supposed to. He gave me a 0 on the test because I didn't write teh answer. Needless to say he got a call from my mom. Next day I got my 96 back because of teh 4 points bonus. But seriously I hate teachers that go you do it this way, and this way. Esp for me in a business class or a computer class i'm like no I do it this way get it done faster and just as good. But my advice is talk to the man. He needs some sense and needs to be more flexable.

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i hate teachers. but yeah, do more notes. whatever it takes to graduate lmao


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my bro had the same sort of issues with his maths teacher .. he just requested to move class, and he was to a different teacher


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joepic said:
i hate teachers. but yeah, do more notes. whatever it takes to graduate lmao

If you hate teachers so much, then how else would you be taught? :D, your all devious children. But not to worry,.. Hate is used in many ways.. but you really couldn't say thats you actually hated a teacher :D