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Hey everyone,
Been reading and posting, reading and posting. One thing I noticed about the place is the overall courtesy of the folks here.

Well, I will occasionally drop in and make a comment or two about things that I think I know about. I have experience with IBM compatible Desktop and Laptop Computers from Generic to Dell to Compaq and Panasonic.

I am employed as a Field IT Coordinator with my company and I basically handle al kind of computer based scenarios for the 22 field offices I support.

I order the new stuff and interact with the admin folks to obtain charge codes and budget info. I replace old PCs with new ones. I upgrade old PCs to work better and faster. I consult with my 332 customers on issues regarding their PC. I put small networks together and troubleshoot network problems. I fix broken computers and install software. I also trouble shoot software problems. Wow, I could go on forever here it seems. The main thing to know is that I don't get paid nearly enough for all that I do!

heh -- it could never be enough. I am married and I have three great kids ages 15, 13, and 12. I am 36 years old and I am a Christian.

That is me in a nutshell -- a huge nutshell I suppose.
damn i feel like i've known you for years! hahahah j/k.

Well it's nice to have you, this place is cool to get answers and stuff... Lots of info here :)
hey m8, welcome to Tech Forums.
thanks for the introduction, it was rich.
keep on posting and reading, like u've said ;)
Welcome to the forums friend! we always enjoy new company!
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