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Hi, i found out why my computer was being loud it was because of the cpu fan amd origninal. The fan was spinning at 100% about 5000 rpm. Well anyway my reason for this post is that i downloaded speed fan its software that tell temps of your cpu and stuff if you didnt know. I was just going to ask would it be ok for me to lower the fan speed to about 30%? the temps that show on speed fan didnt really raise only a couple *c the temp is around 40 *c with the fan at 30%. I was just wondering if this could hurt my computer by turning the fan down 70%
You should check your BIOS and see if theres a setting to autocontrol the cpu fan.

Basically, when its in a safe temp, itll slow, and if too hot, it speeds up.

This would be best so you don't fry it out. But yes sitting at 70% is okay, but you reAlly should check for load temps. Use prime95 for that.
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