I don't know a thing 'bout hardware ! Help!

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I am a lot into graphic designing but i dont know anything bout hardware. i basically want to overclock my dumb machine but i cant understand anything written on the online guides. Anyone can please give me definitions of all the basic mater like 'jumpers', 'clock multiples' and all that stuff ? ?:(

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i need some techno friends also anyone interested may reply!
Well first of all , you have to put some real effort into learning the information.For starters , if the guides here aren't helping , try www.google.com and search for " hardware tutorials " or " overclocking " or " what are jumpers " or..you get my drift.Once you get the basic knowledge ( its not really complicated ) , then ask around here , for more specific information on a certain peice of hardware.BTW , jumpers are magical tiny rods on a motherboard with regulate functions , it all depends on the settings you apply , Like jumpers on the back of a hard drive .
Actually the thing is that i opened my cabinet and then closed it as i was terrified on seeing the chipsets and now i'm determined to go into embeded systems designs. :) anyway, we can add some mjore links for beginners like me !
lol , you sound like my uncle , who until recently thought that the internet was evil and would take all his money! Ofcourse now he's a regular on Ebay .. well more of an addict.

Anyway , I found this site that explains the basics of every part of a computer , including the all important mobo.

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