I Cant Solve It To Save My Life!!!!!


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Hello, my name is evan and I have this crazy problem. I just got a toshiba tecra 500cs it doesn't have an eithernet card, not does it have any USB ports, I want to install ubuntu linux to it however the bios doesn't support booting from a CD-ROM so I tried a boot floppy with Smart Boot Manager, still no cigar. is there any program that will allow me to boot from the cd. but the CD has to fit on a floppy disk. also I would install Damn Small Linux except that there is no way for me to burn the CD and I dont want to buy anymore stuff, licky for me the laptop is free!!


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You should update the BIOS, to the newest one you can find. That hopefully, should support booting from CD-ROM.


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On some laptops, like mine for example, when you insert a bootable CD, it will say that it found a bootable disk and will ask you if it want to boot from it. if you say yes, the CD will boot, and if you say no, the fdd or HDD will boot.

The laptop is preety old as far as you are telling us.

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Try to make a Win98 boot disk. I always go to bootdisk.com and download the Win98 boot disk maker. All you do is put in a floppy and it creates the bootable floppy with CDRom drivers. Doesn't matter what OS it is installed on. Here's a link:


Choose the Windows 98 SE OEM, and not the mirrors, just click "Windows 98 SE". Then your CD Drive letter will be displayed towards the end, before you get to the DOS prompt. Hope this works for you.