I broke her comp, she lost the boot disks. Wiping?


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Hello all!

My gf's computer has started acting crazy, and before the manufacturer can look at it they said we'd need to wipe it to factory settings to see if it resolved the problems (there are so many probs they're not worth mentioning).

She lost the boot disks, (or claims it never came with any)

Is there anywhere out there that gives a complete idiot's guiding to restoring the computer to factory settings? (Everything that is important on there has been put onto my comp, so everything can go).

Is there any information you need to know? As i will get it for you. ATM all i know is it runs windows XP, but she doesnt live far so i could get any info you need quite promptly.

Thanks guys!!



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usually, a complete computer system from the manufacturer comes with a Revocery CD or DVD. That will restore the PC to factory specs. Since she claims she lost it, it's a bit of a mess. What I would do is to call up or look online and order a new set of System Restore discs or call Tech Support to ship one out to you.

Or you can use a copy of Windows XP to install that manually, then look for drivers online (preferably from the manufacturers site).