I am New to the Forum


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My name is SubliminalX7 :p

I just joined this forum because I love the amount of knowledge people on here have. Especially the higher ranking members. They are truly professional and give great advise. Also I have been corrected already by a higher ranking member and have to say that is great! The more we learn here, the less money we spend on corporate computer greed.

The amount of different subjects and knowledge is great here. I really hope I can be helpful to others as I hope and know I will gain new knowledge from more experienced users. The environment is fun and easy to use. I can tell that this forum site took a while to build and appreciate it's charm.

I work as IT-Admin and Security in a local grocery store company which has 9 store locations, 1 warehouse location for our web servers and data servers, and a corporate location where I am based which has it's own set of servers for the office as well as the Stromberg time-clock server. I help many people all around the office with knit-pick issues which I am always able to resolve in a timely manner. If I don't know something I look it up on multiple sources. Now I am happy to say that I can add this forum as a great resource!

Thanks to all who started this website and to its many users which provide the answers to my questions.