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G'day as they say in my hometown of Brisbane.
My names murad I'm 32 and have moved from UK to Aus in the last year.
I've been in tech jobs for past two years and am now working for Subway's head office in Brisbane working the POS software helpdesk/troubleshooting pC users and networking.(Mix of workstations from Celeron to pentium to Amd and every Windows OS you can think of. Running NT4 server and this is first time I've got to manage a network...HAHAHAHAHA EVIL LAUGH)

I'm loving every minute of it and am learning every day and have found so much of what you guys know to be amazing straight up knowledge. Thank god for Geekdom.....

Yes I have seen the film and have personally meet the real Chopper when he lived down here in Tassie.
Doh! I didn't even notice that it said you were from Aus on your profile! I was cheffing in a restaurant before I got the present job(132 applications--Brisbane's a jungle maaan!) and my head chef was from Tassie--He reckons it's got some of the last few wilderness areas on Earth--I'd love to be able to check it out sometime. Bring my mtb with me and find some sweet singletrack to thrash...
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