HW/SW update makes sys unstable

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Scratchin my head here...

updated a machine running W95 and MS Word97 that was a 266(or 233, I forget)mhz/32mb RAM to 64mb RAM and then did a CLEAN install of Windows 2k Pro that failed, so did a Clean install of Win98SE with MS Office 2k (well just Word and Excel) and now system is very unstable, BSD pops up several times daily supposedly. Being this was a clean install w/o errors and its only used for wordprocessing (not online at all), I highly doubt that a 266(or233)/64RAM machine would be underpowered. Could WORD 2000 be requiring more system power? I believe a 233 is minimum Windows98SE needs.

any thoughts? TIA
software would not do that
i suspect the ram take out the new and
put the old stuff back in and see waht happens
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