Huge Question. Choosing best cross-platform development setup.

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  1. Platform Independence is a must. If this won't work with Windows/Mac/*nix then I don't want it.
  2. Must be simple. I don't have an hour to learn how to make a button.
  3. The more languages it supports, the better.
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I'd also really enjoy suggestions for languages. I've written in VB6, C++, and Java. Anything similar to those would be great. Documentation isn't really important because I'm ready to go out and buy a decent book, but the easier it is for me to pick up the better.

Although it wasn't BASIC really, I think it was BlitzBASIC or something and I only worked with it for a day. Really didn't like it.

The only real requirements I have for that--and they aren't really requirements as much as hopefuls--are:

  1. Once again, platform/independce.
  2. C style languages are my favorite, but I can be persuaded away from them.
NetBeans takes some getting used to but it is very intuitive once you learn your way around. Java is the best option but if that isn't an option, Stani's/Python is a great setup.
That's the one. Python is becoming a very robust language. Personally I still use C++/PHP the most (PHP is cross-platform as well) and PHP 6 looks it will be bringing some very nice features. But Python is great nonetheless :).
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