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I got three problems that equal one big problem. Ill start with the first and most important. My computer will not boot from any cd. ittl check for a disk to boot from and will say can not boot from cd code : 5(its an aopen ax3l mobo, ati pro rage turbo, 128 mb ram, 100 nix ethernet) and wont let me install anything. The second problem is that i got a hoard load of harddrives. i installed xp on here about a year ago, and got a 40 gig ultra quiet hdd(theres a 3gig loud one in here now) and i had to go thru windows on the 3 gig to install windows on the 40(well actulally 37.something now) well when i try to remove the c drive(3 gig) it tells me ntldr is missing. i found ntldr on the 3 gig and put it in the same directory in the 40 gig. still error. and the last problem is i cant modify the boot.ini or anything (xp sp1). ANY help would be greatly appreaciated, and the faster the better, cause we use this pc all the time, and they like it off unless its quiet, and this thing is dead silent with the new hdd, but with the 3, you can hear it acrost the house. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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This is because the Master Boot Record is found on the 4GB drive and not the 40GB drive. That is the key that is needed for the OS to be found.

As for your PC not booting from PC are you sure your BIOS is set to recognize a boot from CD? I would check your BIOS settings and make sure they are set up right.

So my first guess would be after the BIOS would be to insert your 40 GB drive and then go to the Recovery Console. That is if you are able to boot from CD. If so do a fresh install and save the trouble.

But anyways. Boot into the Recovery Console and type in these commands. fixboot and fixmbr Those are to fix the Boot path and to fix the MBR. These might help you out.

Other than that i cant really help. The Boot.ini will not recognize both the OS's. You might have to try and go Start>Run>msconfig>Boot.ini tab and see if that will fix the problem for you.
code 5 nomatter what cd, drive, it dont matter, and aopen has no support for the mobo

my bios is set to boot from cd, then floppy, then hard drive, but there is no floppy, and ive tried like 5 different cd drives and i still get a code 5. and i cant even boot to any cd, like i said above....i..............maybe can i put the hard drive in another computer and do the things you said in the last two paragraphs? i got 5 here so its no problem....hmm wow everything is five. o also is it possible to copy the mbr from the 3 to the 40?


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pick new install


click advanced


check that you want to pick the partition setup during install option and to install to D:\Windows folder (you can make one in advance if you want), otherwise it will install most the files to the C drive

thanks, and whew

Thanks, i will try this later, im working on my hp right now, had a bit of a disaster, fan power cable came unplugged and hit the pci connector pins between the plasitc pci connector and the mobo where my 100 dollar video card (a 3d Fuzion GeForce mx 4000 is wat the box says, but inside i got a mx 4000 card with a fx 5200 processor. :D) was connected !(DOH!!) but thanks again for ur help guys, i will try this.
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